our nest

In case you were wondering, here's a little timeline of how we found our nest.

{ may 2009 } Chris and Erin graduate from college.  Erin moves into his parents' house while she apartment shops with the intention of moving out in 2 weeks.

{ june 2010 } Chris and Erin decide they want to buy a house together (or at least move out of his parents in the next year or so).  Please note that the 2 weeks Erin planned to stay at Chris' parents' house was an epically long "2 weeks".  Good thing she loves 'em (she assumes they love her back). 

{ august 2010 } Erin and Chris start "nest" hunting to get an idea of what they can afford and the areas they'd like to live in.

{ december 2010 } The dynamic duo celebrate 5 years together!  Oddly enough, their nest pops up on the market on their anniversary an hour before Erin stumbles upon it.  They celebrate their awesome love with a sushi dinner, Chick-fil-a milkshakes (Erin got the seasonal peppermint milkshake - YUM), and a self-given tour of their future nest (aka, creeping around the house in the snow and peering into windows).  Erin finds a real estate agent and they take a real tour of the inside of the house.  They don't like it - they move on in their nest hunt.

{ january 2011 } Chris and Erin continue to look at houses and find that they keep comparing everything to the first house they saw.  They decide that if they still love the house after their May vacation to Key West, they'll schedule another walk-through.  Hmmm....

{ february 2011 } Chris and Erin put an offer in on the house and it gets accepted.

{ april 2011 } They settle on the house! Yayyy!  The renovations commence.

{ may 2011 } Chris proposes to Erin at the Dry Tortuga Islands south of Key West, FL.  She said yes!

{ june 2011 } With the bathroom renovation complete, they finally move into their nest.

{ july - october 2011 } Renovations, renovations, and moreeee renovations.

{ november 2011 } Erin and Chris begin the next major renovation: the kitchen.  They also adopt their new furry companion, Rooney!

{ december 2011 } The renovation-crazy couple takes a break from their craft to enjoy the holiday season and to ring in 2012.

{ february 2012 } Work resumes on the kitchen -- DEMOLITION, BABY.

{ april 2012 } With the installation of new French doors, the renovation is starting to look brighter...

{ may 2012 } The front yard renovation is complete!  New garden, new walkway, newly leveled yard.  The upstairs guest room also got a facelift and is lookin' lovely as the new Texas Room.

{ june 2012 } With the drywall work completely finished, the kitchen got a fresh coat of paint and new hardwood floors (1/2 new, 1/2 refinished)!

{ july 2012 } Cabinets, and counter tops, and backsplashes - oh my!  The kitchen is starting to look more like a kitchen with new Ikea cabinets, oak counter tops, a fresh 'n minty penny tile backsplash, and the addition of new appliances.  Oh and, ROONEY TURNS 1!!