Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Doormat Fail.

I'm a super crafty squirrel, this much I know.  But a lot of people assume that my crafty hands can only create golden masterpieces worthy of praise and applause.  In reality, I actually have a lot of creative projects take a turn for the worse...I have created many disastrous projects in my time that would put many of my glory projects to shame.  Though this project isn't completely horrendous, it still falls into the fail category.

I wanted a cool custom doormat for the autumn season, and decided that making one would be far more entertaining and exciting than buying one.  Plus, making one would spare me about $10-$20 that I would've spent purchasing a doormat.  Sounds like a project to me!

Ikea has a fantastic selection of doormats for anyone who feels the need to DIY.  I picked up two TRAMPA natural doormats for $9.99 a piece, with the hopes of making a fall doormat and a Christmas doormat later on.

A couple years ago I purchased some really adorable leaf-shaped doilies from the dollar store, hell-bent on doing something amazing with them.  It took me two years to come up with something, but I finally decided to use them as stencils for my DIY doormat project.

First I laid out a fancy pattern with my leaves.  I almost went with a scattered look, but decided something geometric would look pretty snazzy.  To be sure my leaves wouldn't blow away when I spray painted the mat, I used Elmer's Craft Adhesive Spray to temporarily secure them.

For the "HELLO", I simply free handed some letters on a piece of recycled cardboard, cut them out, and positioned them on the mat.  I also secured them with a couple spritzes of the spray adhesive.

Next it was onto to the good stuff: spray painting.  I decided to be thrifty and used some leftover kona brown spraypaint.  I was a little hesitant to use it since it was a gloss finish and I wasn't sure how that'd turn out on the mat, but I really wanted to make use of what I already had on hand.  Turns out, gloss finish works just fine.

Pleased with my work, I walked away from my project to allow it to dry over night.  My excitement ended abruptly the next day when I began peeling off the stencils.  My leaf-pattern looks like amorphous blobs...autumn doormat fail.  I still managed to create some sort of interesting semi-geometric pattern, albeit with a creepily conveyed salutation.  And the doormat is still totally I'll settle with a self-granted C- on this one.

Well, you win some and you lose some.  In this case, the doormat didn't turn out exactly how I imagined it would, but hey, it's meant to be walked all over so it's not the biggest disappointment ever.

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