Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm a squirrely squirrel, what can I say?

I probably could've come up with a blog title more relevant to home renovations, or even a title that didn't scare off unsuspecting normal people from reading about super cool stuff.  But let's be honest, I wouldn't be staying true to my quirky innate weirdness and inborn creativity by donning a customary blog name.  I'm a squirrely squirrel, what can I say?

Those who choose to accept my "interesting" blog title and proceed to read my renovation ramblings might often suspect that I have a dumb obsession with squirrels.  It's okay, it's only natural.  If I read a blog called Crafty Chihuahua, I might suspect the blogger to be a bug-eyed, perpetually chilly, all-things-chihuahua hoarder, who frequently blurts out Taco Bell slogans...or maybe even an actual Chihuahua.  Just to clear the air, I do not have a bushy tail, nor do I snack on nuts.  I do however pick at my food with my undersized hands, while taking swift, tiny can have that one.  But that's not why I named my blog after the fluffy little tree dweller; I named it after a fun-loving game my little broceidon and I used to play when we were just wee little kids.

Anyway, you probably think my house is filled to the brim with all things squirrels.  You might even say that I squirrel squirrels.  I will admit to liking squirrels, but I never quite had such a collection of the creature in my house before I started my blog.  My lovely readers have bequeathed me with all sorts of squirrely trinkets to decorate my lovely abode with, and I gotta say, I love every single squirrel thing in my house.  In fact, I even find that my squirrel artifacts further motivate me to continue blogging, especially the awesome squirrels that my readers have gifted me.

So to further fuel your suspicions of me being a crazy squirrel lady, here's some of the inspiring squirrel s**t I lace my home with:

Salt 'n Pepper shakers that I got for $1.99 on clearance at TJMaxx.

Squirrel butter dish.  Target makes my life.

Custom squirrel print designed by my friend, Kristen.  Check out her adorable graphic prints at her Etsy shop, la Queue!

A precious little door stop from Modcloth.

A hook that I haven't found a place for yet, also from Modcloth.

Got this adorable brass squirrel from a local antique shop.

This quirky little vintage nut dish was gifted to me by Chris' aunt.

This used to be a squirrel toy...'s Roon's favorite.

There you have it: squirrel central.  And to those of you who have contributed to my priceless anthology of nature's diminutive scavenger, thank you.  And if you happened to make it to the end of this post without reverting to Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter/anything-but-a-squirrel-blog, thank you.  I appreciate and value anyone who reads my collection of blog posts, because without readers, I'm just a ridiculous squirrel lady with way too much to ramble about and a house full of squirrels.

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