Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chevy-Chic Pumpkins

I'm pretty sure chevron looks good on anything.  So when I saw some chevron-painted pumpkins on the cover of the October issue of Country Living Magazine, I decided it was desperately necessary to paint some gorgeous gourds of my own.

My supplies were simple: tape, paint, 'n pumpkins.  I already had painters tape and acrylic paint on hand, which made my wallet smile a little.  I chose to splurge on some faux, but convincingly realistic looking pumpkins from Target.  Why?  Because if I'm going to spend a sickening amount of hours taping a chevron pattern on a pumpkin, it better not be wasted on a pumpkin that will rot into compost in a few weeks.  Since you can keep them forever and ever, the fake pumpkins are the better investment over real pumpkins.  I purchased a medium sized white pumpkin for $8 and a small orange pumpkin for $4 from Target, which was cheaper than Joann fabrics was selling them for (even with coupons).

As I stared at my pretty little pumpkins, I dreaded having to meticulously tape a convincing chevron pattern onto them...but then when I squinted really hard I could almost imagine them with the enchanting chevron pattern and used the resulting burst of enthusiasm and motivation to get cracking.  I think I spent about 4 hours taping the perfect chevron pattern, but that also included the extended time required to please my pattern placement OCD as well as some distractions while watching Breaking Amish (seriously...I'm 92% positive the show is a sham, but I still find myself captivated).

I used painter's tape on the big pumpkin, and washi tape on the little pumpkin.

With a suitable tape job, it was time to paint.  I decided to use a leafy green on the white pumpkin, and a smokey gray on the small orange pumpkin.  To avoid as much paint bleeding as possible, I applied the paint using a sponge brush and dabbed in on in a perpendicular motion to the pumpkin.  After two coats and about an hour of dry time, I peeled away all that tape that I spent so much time carefully placing.  Even though I tried my best to create a solid seal between the tape and the pumpkins, I still ended up with a decent amount of paint bleeding.  But that wasn't going to let me down.

I first tried to scrape off the excessive paint with an exact-o knife.  Then I tried wiping it away with a damp Q-tip.  No good.  Then I attacked via nail polish soaked Q-tips.  Still no good.  Call it a lazy way out, but I decided that the pumpkins were acceptable enough, regardless of the lack of crisp clean lines.

Even though my pumpkins didn't turn out quite as I'd expected, I'm pleased with the results.  Now to find a place to put my pretty little pumpkins.

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