Thursday, September 27, 2012


If you've noticed a massive lapse in blog posting on this squirrel's part, please know that I've got a pretty decent excuse: marriage.  Yup.

On September 1st, I married my best friend and partner in renovation at a outdoor ceremony on the water.  It was quite picturesque.  Then me 'n my love of seven years partied with our absolute favorite people in the world at our reception in an antique hall, located just a few yards away from where we wed.  Just so I don't have to answer to "pics or it didn't happen", here ya go:

{ I'd like to thank my awesome friends for posting these photos to Facebook! }

My Mom walking me down the aisle.

Our first kiss as husband & wife!

Our first dance.

Smooches :}

My gals in boots. <3

You know how crafty I am, so you can probably assume I made a lot of things for our wedding.  Let's be honest...I DIY-ed almost everything.  Of course I'm not going to leave you hanging!  I'll be featuring a entire page on the blog, appropriately entitled "our wedding", so you can gander at all the fine details I threw together for our big day.  I also tried my best to write descriptions and price breakdowns of things too.  And I wouldn't hate some Pinterest love, so feel free to pin away!  You can expect the wedding page to be up by the end of fall (I'm waiting on pictures from our lovely photographer/finalizing some how-to's).

Also, our kitchen is, like, 95% done.  And I've yet to provide you with photo candy.  And I'm really sorry!  I swear I'll get a post of the kitchen's current state sometime in the near future.  It's beautiful by the way...sometimes I catch myself staring at it for too long...

So yeah, I'm a married squirrel now.  How sweet is that??

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