Saturday, June 16, 2012

Behold: Botany.

***This post was written in May...took me this long to take some "after" pictures, but hey, at least you can see how much they've grown!

Welcome to our beautiful garden...

Our poor neighbors have gazed upon our ugly dirt-ridden backyard for far too long.  Though we were partial to our dirt beds, we are finally lookin' at flower beds.  This past weekend my Aunt and I planted our butts off.  I could leave the recap at that since it just about covers the obvious, but all of this hardwork deserves a little attention and description.

Before I could begin filling in our beautifully laid out dirt beds, I needed my Aunt Beth.  You see, my Aunt is sort of a plant connoisseur.  And by "sort of" I mean she knows her sh*t.  We've been planning a "gardening day" for months.  In fact she even gifted me a gardening book and two vouchers for spring gardening day and a fall garden day.  After months of anticipation and planning it was finally time to redeem my spring planting voucher.  On Saturday morning she trekked her way over from America's Little Wonder (Delaware), equipped with a list of plants that I should purchase.  Seeing as how my plant knowledge does not exceed that of a 5 year old, I left all decisions in her control.  Basically we just swooped around a couple of local farms and picked up anything and everything my Aunt said was awesome.  I tried my best to soak in any knowledge that I could about the many plants that we purchased, all the while completely amazed at how much my Aunt knows.  She could look at a leaf, name the plant, discuss how they flower, know when/where/how to plant them, and what kind of love to give them.  This is why I am scrambling to become her prodigy.

We exerted many squeals of excitement, tons of ooo's and ahh's, and soaked up some sunshine -- all in the name of gardening.  Though I spent a pretty penny, almost everything we purchased is a perennial (they'll come back year after year...hopefully), so really I look at my big botanical purchase as an investment.  Not only will our curb appeal go up about ten thousand notches, but I'll be able to enjoy the lush gardens that grace my front yard.

We returned back to the dirt beds and began by strategically scattering our baby plants throughout the existing dirt beds to help decide where to plant everything.  Then it was time to plant.  I sort of glazed over when I stood back and saw dozens of tiny little un-planted flowers.  But it had to get done.  Surprisingly the planting went relatively quickly, and we were completely done by the time it got dark outside.  Even more surprisingly I found that the whole process was rather medicinal and soothing.

Okay, so here's what we've got growin' in our front yard now:
(1) Boxwood Bush -- Smells awesome!
(1) Japanese Holly Bush
(2) Ice Plants -- We believe they'll be creepers (as in creep/crawl along the ground)
(2) Knockout Rose Bushes -- Ummm, stunning.
(2) Daisies
(3) Indian Summer
(1) Baby's Breath
(2) Limelight Hydrangeas -- MY FAVORITES!!  Here's to hoping I can DIY my wedding bouquet.
(1) Incredibelle Hydrangea -- big 'ol white puffs.
(1) Pink Lemonade Blueberry Bush -- my mouth is watering already
(2) Blueberry Bushes -- one of which we found potted on the side porch from the previous owner
(5) Lamb's Ear -- oh so soft and lamby.
(2) Hostas -- one of which has been originally transplanted from my Grandmother's garden (awww)
(2) Daffodils -- hangin' out in the back of the garden until next spring.
(1) Lilly of the Valley -- transplanted from my Aunt's garden
(4) Dianthus
(2) Salvia
(2) Lavender -- smells soooooo good!!
(1) Chives
(1) Balloon Flower
(#) Extra plants I can't remember the names of

And as suggested by my awesome Aunt, I even mapped out my new garden.  All I did was make a drawing of the front of the house and draw in my plants where I planted them.  This way I have a good record of what was planted and where we planted it; if something decides it hates me and shrivels up and dies on me, I can know not to plant it again.

Honestly, I am baffled that we were able to accomplish all that we did in one single Saturday.  Did I mention that we even squeezed in a trip to Ikea??  Ikea on a Saturday...yeah.  There is no stopping us.

Do work, son.
It doesn't look like much now, but in a couple of years those babies will fill out and look like a page straight out of Better Homes and Gardens.  In fact, they'll probably look much fuller by the end of this summer.  We even got a super excited little camper -- a bright orange poppy that bloomed overnight.  Maybe it's a little sign from my plants that they're oh so happy to have delicious dirt.  Or maybe they're just growing like plants do.  The former idea is far more endearing, so I'll stick with that.

Fast forward a couple months to June 16th, and here's what we're lookin' at now!  My little beauties are growing:

Grass is growing back in.

Easily one of my garden favorites: ice plant.  It's like a plant from an alien planet!  Feels like worms.

A big 'ol delphinium doin' its thing.

A 'lil bee action.

Beautious knock-out roses.

Bunny damage.  But no worries, I've located a nasty smelling spray that keeps them at bay!

Some more impatiens in the window box since they did so well last year.

This dude is the garden veteran as I planted it last year.

The glorious corner that holds my babies.  Hydrangeas gallore.

My Lime Light hydrangeas are gettin' some buds!

My incredibelle hydrangea...supposed to be white blooms.

I sort of feel like maybe they'll get whiter as they get bigger?

My baby blues.

Our garden is so sweet, we've had numerous maple trees sneakin' in.

Mailbox bed - Zinnia & Hostas

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