Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ready for the Greenery

The walkway and planting beds are finally DONE (que music from the heavens).  Truthfully our front yard has looked like this for a couple of weeks; I'm just stupid slow with my updates lately.  After about four weeks of labor intensive hauling, brick laying, shoveling, hammering, and sheer muscle building, our front yard is primed and ready for some beautiful new foliage.   Since we've already posted a few snip-its of info detailing our front yard overhaul, I'll spare you the redundancy and simply share some photos of what we're lookin' at right now.

Since we last mentioned our front yard progress, we filled the new planting beds with top soil that we ordered from a local family-owned company.  The dirt sat in our front yard for a hefty week before we were finally able to distribute it to the new planting beds.  Of course throughout the whole week Chris had to listen to me banter on about how "someone will probably steal our dirt"...these fears of mine always seem so stupid in retrospect.  Obviously we have nice neighbors and the dirt mound remained in tact, though we did have to chase Rooney away from it numerous times as he clearly viewed it as a mecca for digging useless holes.

Before we filled the beds with the new top soil, we laid out some weed-be-gone fabric.  I later found out that you can line planting beds with newspaper or cardboard as well, but since we had already purchased a roll of the other stuff we used it up.  We actually ran out of the weed fabric and ended up finishing off the task with old newspaper.

Sometimes we get fancy with our renovations.  In the case of our dirt transfer task that means the use of a tractor.  A big 'ol orange tractor to be exact.  Chris scooped up dirt from our delivered pile and dumped it in the beds.  Then I waddled over with a hoe and spread it all out.  Definitely beats shoveling, that's for sure.  It took us a couple of hours to get the job done, but the weather was fine and we were pleased to be making progress.

Ol Faithful.

For now we have beautifully laid out dirt beds, but this weekend (weather permitting) my Aunt is coming to help me fill them out with all sorts of blooms and happy green things.  She's pretty much the best green thumb I know and I can learn a whole heck of a lot from her.  Hang tight until then!

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