Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oui, Oui, French Doors!

In every great renovation comes great milestones, monumental achievements that reflect both your vision for what something can be and the strenuous effort put forth to make it happen.  Today we reached one of those milestones.  Notice the change???

New French doors!!  I have to say, I am absolutely beyond ecstatic at this point.  After months of hard work, we are finally starting to see some noticable changes in our kitchen.

Just imagine...instead of dried up shrubs, a cozy patio.  Imagine hard.

So let's discuss these beauties and how we came about purchasing them.  This was one of the few projects that we (and our tax return) decided it would best to leave to the professionals.  Partly because it required dabbling in some masonry work (which neither of us have experience with), but mostly because we wanted the job done quick.  Afterall, we are talking about slicing a large gaping hole into the side of our brick abode.

Since we rarely pass the torch onto someone else, we wanted to be sure that we hired the right person for the job.  None of them dilly-dalliers who drink soda-pop all day and play Draw Something on their iPhones.  I'm not sure if those people exist, but this is what I was fearful of for whatever reason.  We decided to spring for an Angie's List membership so we could stalk some local contractors in our area and weed out the slackers. 

It didn't take long before we decided on a local family-owned company who provided us with an awesome quote and lots of enthusiam.  The guy we picked suggested that we order our door from a Baltimore-based company that manufactured decent sliding glass and French doors.  We had a period of indecision where we couldn't decide whether we wanted a sliding glass door or French doors; we decided we needed to see the doors in person before we made any decisions.  So we got ourselves down to the show room and agreed that the French doors looked fantastic.  We put the order in for our new French doors and the wait was on.

Flash forward about 4 weeks and our door was ready for install.  The installation took just a few measly hours -- in the morning I left for work with a big 'ol window and when I came home I was greeted with gorgeous new French doors in its place.  Absolutely magical.

And Rooney will be quite pleased with these new doors too since he can bask in the sunlight for a couple hours longer than he could before.  Everybody loves a happy Roon.

Ahhh, warmth.

The big changes aren't over yet.  In fact, they're just beginning.  We just got a super duper quote on our flooring (another task we opted to pay the professionals to do), so once we're done repairing the drywall in the kitchen we'll schedule the floor installation.  After that, it's paint and cabinets and countertops and appliances and all other things wonderful.  Folks, I think our kitchen is finally coming along!

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