Friday, April 6, 2012

Noisy Squirrel + Rooney 4EVER

My little Roon Bug -- such a huge part of my life.  He's clumsy, awkward, loves to give kisses, and has the fur of a silky kitten (which has coated everything we own).  Gotta love the Roon.  While we're busy tending to house renovations, we make sure that Rooney has plenty of toys to play with.  And yes, he has a favorite toy.  We have named it Noisy Squirrel.

Noisy Squirrel was one of those "meant to be" purchases.  We found it chillin' in HomeGoods alongside a slew of other squeaky critters.  What made Noisy Squirrel stand out was its unique barrel squeaker, which not only squeals obnoxiously when you squeeze it, but squeals just as loud when you let go and the barrel reinflates.  At the time I convinced Chris that unlike Roon's other 54 toys, this toy was special because "Rooneyy loveesss squeaksss!" (read that as whiny as possible).  So for $10, we brought Noisy Squirrel home and the two have been inseperable ever since.

But Chris and I don't always approve of their relationship.  Noisy Squirrel can override the volume of any casual conversation, and always seems to interferre with the most important of TV shows.  So whenever we're watching East Bound and Down or Californication, Noisy Squirrel gets to chill out on top of the bookshelf. 

Lately we've noticed that Noisy Squirrel has been taking a turn for the worse.  He's earless, losing fur rapidly, and his barrel is almost punctured (which will render him useless)...we'll lose him any day now.  As much as the dang toy annoys me, I know it's Rooney's favorite and it keeps him occupied when we're busy renovating.  I had one mission: locate another Noisy Squirrel.  And fast.

Rooney's BFF.

Of course, this task wasn't so easy since I found the toy randomly at HomeGoods a couple months ago.  I went back and out of pure luck, found a smaller Noisy Squirrel, which we dubbed "Baby Noisy".  Apparently they come in various sizes.  It wasn't as big (or loud) as Noisy Squirrel, but I figured it was better than no Noisy Squirrel at all.
Noisy Squirrel & Baby Noisy.

Rooney likes Baby Noisy but still prefers Noisy Squirrel, so I had to press on and put my fine-tuned Google skillz to work.  I didn't know the name of the company who made Noisy Squirrel, so I tried a combination of "squeaky squirrel", "barrel squeaker", etc. until I finally discovered that Noisy Squirrel's true name is EZ Squeaker Squirrel by PetLou.  And better yet, I found that Noisy Squirrel also was available in Noisy Chipmunk and Noisy Raccoon.  Jackpot.

I quickly ordered one of each off of Amazon (you can buy the 21" squirrel here).

This box potentially holds years of entertainment & joy for Mr. Roon.
An army of noise.  Beautiful, beautiful noise.

While I was on Amazon, I also picked up the Kong Wobbler.  It is fantastic.  It is basically just a supersized Kong that wobbles around on the floor and dispenses your dog's food.  Rooney likes the original Kong, and we needed more distractions for him, so why not?

Ignore the disgusting caked on hair and saliva.

The Wobbler is actually much larger than you think, and here it is in action:

It leaves a trail of kibble.


My wrinkly little Roon.

Basically you just let your dog bat it around and yummy food pops out -- magical.

The day that I took these pictures ended up being the day Noisy Squirrel kicked the bucket.  When I had the new Noisy family sprawled out on the floor for pictures, Roon could barely contain himself and even snuck away with Noisy Raccoon when I wasn't looking.  Sure enough, a few hours later I found Noisy Squirrel's tail-less carcass; it was as if Rooney knew that the only way he could play with his new toys was if he killed Noisy Squirrel.  The funniest part was that I laid out the new Noisy family and let him choose Noisy Squirrel's replacement.  After sniffing each one, he went right for that Raccoon again!  He's been playing with it nonstop ever since.

Call me a crazy dog lady, but I love my Rooney.  If it were up to me I'd give Roon all of the Noisy Squirrels and Wobblers in the world. 

Okay, yeah I guess I'm crazy.

*After writing this post I found that there is also a Noisy Opossum and Noisy Skunk.  I must purchase them all!


  1. You are so funny ... however I might just have to buy one of these squeakies for our dog Jack, who also loves squeaky "babies". You see he's a pitbull, and when people come to our house to see a pitbull suckling on a stuffed animal it takes all the drama created in the world about pitbulls away :). He's got tons of "babies" too, and the favs are well worn with the fur and some ears missing. I'll keep you posted as to when the new baby arrives and if its a hit in our house. Happy Easter ...!!!

    1. Thank you!! And how adorable! I bet he'd love one of these squeaky babies! I got the replacements for Rooney off of Amazon (here's the link to the raccoon: It's free shipping if you spend $25 or more. I think they're also available from Also, they come in 11", 16", and 21" -- Roon's got the 21" ones. Post a pic of Jack and his new baby!