Friday, April 6, 2012

I Wish This Was a Real Window...

Let's sidestep a smidgen and take a break from the kitchen/walkway calamity and chit-chat about some decorating.  A couple of months back, I scored a really fantastic frame from TJMaxx for a kewl $27.  The frame is structured to look like a window, comprised of twelve slots that each hold a 4x6 photo.  I knew my new window frame would fit right in with the downstairs hallway decor, but I needed to find the perfect picture(s) to fill it with.  After some pondering, I decided I would adore looking through a "window" and seeing the beautiful locale that was my engagement site.
TJ-Maxx, baby.

I took a picture of the spot where I got engaged to my lovely Christopher in May 2011.  It also happens to be a snapshot of a breathtaking view at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortuga Islands.  Looking at this picture flushes my memory with all kinds of awesomeness and elation.  ...sigh.

Right smack dab in the middle of this walkway, he asked me to be his Mrs.
It couldn't have been more amazing.

I knew in order to fulfill my dreamy vision of fitting my new window frame with my engagement snapshot, I need to order a large print of my beloved photograph.  Through a little research I discovered that I could only order either a 16"x20" or 20"x30" photo print.  My window frame opening measured an awkward 12"x24", so neither of those sizes would really fit without having to crop a significant amount of the photo.  And the prints were pricey too (even with discounts).

I did a little more perusing and discovered that there was a 50% off sale on collage posters and that the posters came in sizes that included 16"x20" and 20"x30".  Apparently you can manipulate the system and order a "collage" poster that features one photo the size of your entire poster.  Sounds like a large photo print to me.

Even though I located a cheaper print, I still had a size dilemma at hand.  I knew that the 16"x20" would be too small for the length of the photo, but the 20"x30" would be so large that I would have to cut away a significant amount of my photo in order for it to fit the frame.  Hmmmm....

So my handsome engineer Fiance and I put our noggins together and came up with the best solution to our dorky dilemma.  It ingenious actually.   We ended up creating a 20"x30" white canvas in Photoshop, and then imposed a 12"x24" size of our engagement photo on top of it.

It sounds a little convoluted, but the idea was that if we ordered a 20"x30" poster, our photograph would measure out to be a perfect 12"x24".  We would simply trim the white edges off of our poster, then cut 4x6 pieces out of our photo while accounting for the small separating spaces in between each "window pane".

So I hopped on Shutterfly and ordered our over-engineered poster (at the sale price).  It was still somewhat of a gamble, but we were saving a pretty penny by taking advantage of the poster sale so we figured it was worth a shot.

Our poster arrived about a week later, and to our sweet pleasure it was exactly what we had hoped for.  We had a perfect 12"x24" size print of our photo centered on a white poster.  Hooooray!

The excitement was short lived...I still had to take a pair of scissors to our creation in hopes of getting it to fit in our frame.  This was going to be difficult since I needed to accommodate for the spacing between each "window pane" -- after all, we wanted it to look like we were looking through a window at our picturesque scene.
As you can see, each "window pane" is an individual 4x6 photo slot.

So I began my excruciating task of measuring ten times then cutting once.  It was sort of like assembling a puzzle.  After about 20 minutes of pure stress and adrenaline, I was done. 
Tools of the trade.

I was nervous to lift up my frame off of the table and see if I ruined our labor of love or if I had created the most incredible piece of art our house has yet to see.  I made Chris look first and he smiled, so I knew it was good news.

And cue flash back to one of the best moments of my life.

It turned out just how I had imagined!  A sweet faux-window view of one of the most memorable places I've ever set foot.  Now every time I walk through the hallway, I can look out the "window" and see the spot where I got engaged.  Corny, I know, but it pleases the heck out of me.

Oh look at that wonderful window as you exit the bathroom.

The pink rug is temporary, but check out our adorable 'lil hallway with unpainted doors.

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