Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kitchen Aesthetics: A Pictorial Tour

I'm gonna be honest, the kitchen renovation is sort of boring right now.  Our new french doors have been ordered, and we are anxiously awaiting the install.  We're also almost ready for joint compound to patch up the rest of the drywall.  Yes, it's blah.  And since I feel that I've failed to share with you our actual plans, I figured we should spice things up a little bit and look at some pretty pictures of our kitchen dreams.

First we'll start off with some of Chris' fabulous drawings.  Before you jump to conclusions and think he's creepily obsessed with planning, please understand that he's an engineer and can use Auto-CAD like a boss.  So let's start with the bird's eye view of our future kitchen:
Above view of the kitchen.
As you can see, the stove and sink remain in their original locations (top left).  In the upper right you can see the corner cabinet that I chained myself to in hopes of its salvation (success).  The round thing to the right is our future table -- we actually had our sights set on a white round table from Ikea, but switched gears once we bought a round glass-top table and four chairs from Chris' co-worker for the fantastic price of only $50.  We'll paint the table legs and chairs white so they'll fit right in with the rest of our decor.

Another new addition to the kitchen is a 6 foot by 3 foot island centered between the sink and the new pantry (left side of the drawing).  This will had a tremendous amount of useful counter space and oodles of more cabinet storage.  The island will have three stools situated on the side nearest the pantry.  Again, we were set to purchase three Ikea stools, but stumbled across a fabulous Joss & Main deal; we snagged three of these guys for about $100 each:
Joss & Main steal (it's free to sign up and there are some CRAY deals!!).
You'll notice that I mentioned a NEW pantry.  If you remember back, we used to have a closet in the kitchen.  Its overwhelming aroma of Pine Sol seemed to indicate that it had only been used for cleaning supplies and nothing else.  No, we didn't tear it down just because it smelled like pine trees and summer camp, we tore it down because it was simply too large to accommodate a new kitchen island.  Our new pantry will be much more shallow, and will be custom organized to fit all kinds of fabulous kitchen treats.  This way, our wall cabinets can be used for dishes and appliance storage instead of food storage.  Here's our pantry plans (we're going with the option on the left):
The arched doorway in the drawing is the door that goes into our living room.  Ignore the drawing on the right, we're choosing option A.
Here's the view facing the back wall of the house:
You'll notice that we originally drew our new door (which will be replacing the current dining room window) as a slider.  After we received quotes on both sliders and french doors, we found that the price difference between the two wasn't that drastic.  We also sort of decided that the french doors would add some class and extra quality to our design -- after all the work we're planning on putting in, it would really stink to look at a slider and wish we had gone a step up to french doors.  Et voila, we've decided on french doors. 

The sink might look a smidgen awkward in the drawing too.  That's because it isn't your average sink; we chose a deep porcelain country sink from Ikea which is currently living in our upstairs guest room. We jumped the gun a little early with the sink purchase because we stumbled across our selected sink in the Ikea "As-Is" section for $40 cheaper simply because it didn't have a box.  Ummm, sold.
Domsjo Sink, $185.99 at Ikea.

Okay so I've pretty much covered the new layout, so now I'll share some of the awesome details I'd like to incorporate into my dream space.  Since I can't stand finding cool stuff on the internet without knowing where it came from, I made sure to include a link to each product along with a price (it's must be the crazy in me).  Let's have fun looking at pretty pictures:
Here's a fine example of painted ceilings, white cabinets, lighting layout, and hardwood floors.  We are super inspired by these features and plan to incorporate them all in our new kitchen.
Glidden Almost Aqua (Home Depot) -- This is the color we've selected for the ceiling!

Martha Stewart Heavy Goose (Home Depot) -- This is the color we've selected for the walls.  Cozy.
Numerar oak counter tops from Ikea.  They are more affordable than you think!!

Ikea Edsvik dual control faucet, $49.99 -- adorable combo of modern and vintage.

Minty green penny tiles -- we purchased these from Overstock.com for a crazy good price!  Seriously.
Contender for lighting over the island -- we would need two.  How fantastic is this color??  This one is from Barn Light Electric, $159.

Another island light contender.  So dang sweet.  This one's also from Barn Light Electric, $159.

The recessed lighting we selected -- It's a Lithonia LED Light, $40 each from Home Depot.  Though LED's are more expensive than traditional recessed lighting it comes with it's advantages, like not having to change a bulb for about 15 years (chyeah).  They also feature airtight housing, they're very shallow (easy to install in tight spaces), and they're safe to install next to insulation as they don't get as hot as other recessed options.  More on these guys later.

I'm looking for a sweet drum shade like this one from ShadesOfLight ($179) to go over the kitchen table.
For over the sink, we're thinking we'd like something unique like this Bronze Saucer Pendant from Home Depot, $89.97.
Obviously this wonderful pictorial doesn't include all of our kitchen plans and ideas, and you can bet I'll be crafting lots of interesting additions.  If you want insight into my nutty brain, be sure to check out and follow my Kitchen Renovation board on Pinterest!

Things are sure to start getting exciting once we work through the blah parts of our kitchen renovation.  The floor is next on deck following the wall repair, and then the door should be installed in a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately I'm not allowed to play with joint compound, so white Chris and his Dad work on finishing up the kitchen wall repair I'm setting my sights on a couple of other renovation projects around the house: a new front walkway and the the upstairs guest room.  Stay tuned!

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  1. this kind of kitchen is really awesome! having some glass splashbacks could add an additional aesthetic to your kitchen!