Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Window of Opportunity

As part of our delightful kitchen overhaul, we are replacing the existing dining room window with a new back door.  We actually already have a side door in the kitchen, but it lets out just yards away from a semi-busy residential street.  It's kind of awkward walking out of your kitchen and obligatorily waving to your neighbors as they drive-by (and if you don't wave, you feel like a jerk).  So we would like another door that would open up onto a future patio area in our backyard -- not to be unfriendly recluse neighbors, but to just have a smidgen more privacy to enjoy our yard.  Our new door will also be useful for unleashing Rooney into a future-fenced backyard so the little beast can run wild.

We actually began work on our new door project back in the wee-early days of January.  You see, there was one big twiggy obstacle between us and putting in a new back door: a big 'ol bush.


For some reason our property is full of large evergreen bushes, and all of them seem to be in the most inconvenient places.  We'll actually be removing most of them.  We finally scratched our itch to landscape a little bit when we removed one of our unwanted bushes from the back of the house.  It was literally parked right where we need our door to be -- centered under the dining room window.

Wielding a chainsaw and clippers, Chris set out to dismantle the beastly bush.  We really expected it might put up some sort of stubborn fight, but to our surprise Chris had it completely removed in about 5 minutes.  Can't say we were upset about that.

Can't decide if his smile is creepy or cute...the chainsaw is really throwing me off.

To our advantage, most of the bush was rather dead and "tumbleweedy" underneath a few inches of a lush evergreen facade.  The bush was pretty light, and once Chris cut it at its base, it rolled right on down the old dusty trail.  Peace buddy.

That little pipe sticking out of the ground is our'll hear more about how we plan to work around that later.

It's a lot easier to envision our future deck/patio (and door) now that we have at least one of the bushes removed.  This week we are getting an estimate on the masonry work we'll need to have done in order to put the new door in.  We rarely forgo doing things ourselves, and cringe at the thought of paying someone else to do something -- but sometimes it's best to just bite the bullet and let the professionals get things done quickly and efficiently.  Besides, we obviously have our hands full with plenty of other tasks in the kitchen.

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