Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To Have & To Hold...My Hair.

As you know, I pretty much live my life with extreme DIY standards.  With that said, it can easily be assumed that many aspects of my wedding will be hand-crafted by yours truly.  I've been considering adding a wedding tab to the blog to keep my lovely readers updated on my wedding progress, but I honestly don't know if anyone is interested in following my obsession over being wedding-crafty.  So I'm testing the waters with this post.  Here it goes...

I'm not a veil kind of gal, but I do appreciate a good hair flower.  Upon scouring various internet resources and wedding shops, I decided that they were too overpriced and usually looked hokey.  The solution?  Why, DIY of course.

My first go-to source for crafty inspiration is Pinterest.  If you don't already utilize the awesomeness that is Pinterest, give it a whirl -- I bet you'll be smitten.  Anywho, I found a few pins that linked to DIY  flowers.  These links pretty much confirmed my assumptions -- that you can deconstruct faux-flowers and reassemble them into your dream flower.  The flower petals can be secured with either a hot glue gun or a needle and thread.

So it was off to Joann's to collect my supplies.  I ended up purchasing the following (all for around $10 w/ coupons):
  • (2) different types of white flowers
  • (2) off-white crocheted doilies
  • some green accent sprigs
Things that I had at home, but knew I would also need for this project:
  • hot glue gun
  • needle & thread
  • felt
  • scissors
  • clippy (to attach it to my hair-do) -- I took apart an old clip-on flower that I already had since the clip size I wanted was not in stock in the store.

Didn't end up using the green sprigs, but they look awful pretty in this picture.

I began taking apart my flowers and layering the petals to create my dream wedding bloom.  Once I had my ideal flower it was time to make it legit.  I began by cutting out a circle of white felt for the base of the flower.  To do this, I traced the bottom of a red solo cup and found it to be the perfect size circle.  I then cut a strip of felt about 5/8" wide, but no longer than the diameter of my circle base.

Using a needle and thread, I began to get my sew on.  I folded up my larger doily to create something similar to leaves, and secured it to my circle base with a couple of stitches.  Then I sewed on each layer of petals, sewing through all layers down to the circle base each time.

Once I reached the top of my flower, I hot glued a little pollen center from one of my original faux-flowers into the center.  You could glue just about anything in the center of your flower -- I've seen mini-pearls, buttons, gemstones, etc -- anything to make your flower "you".

The last step is to glue your clip onto the back of your flower's felt base.  To do this, simply apply a little bit of hot glue to the top of your clip and press it onto the center of the felt circle.  Then open the clip and glue your strip of felt down to the circle base; this will help keep your clip from coming off.

Touch up any flimsy petals with a little hot glue or some stitches and voila!  You have your very own, DIY-ed hair flower.  And the fun isn't just limited to your hair -- you can clip your sweet little blossom on a tote bag, a jacket, or anything else you wish to embellish with awesomeness.
My wedding flower! <3

My little guy is going to hang out in a plastic bag until September.  But I am oh so very happy with the outcome -- I was able to make exactly what I wanted for a fraction of the cost of retail flower clips.

Interested in wedding-related DIY?  Leave a comment on this post/Facebook and let me know your thoughts!  If I get enough interest, I might post some periodic updates to tickle your fancy.

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  1. Very cute, dear! This will look lovely on your special day.