Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Kitchen...We're Gettin' There.

Like I said, life's been busy lately.  But now that the holidays are over and we have a better grasp on our expenses for 2012, we're really ready to get crackin' on the kitchen.

Not to add to our delay excuses but before you start any project, especially something as major as a kitchen overhaul, it's really best to plan, plan some more, and plan again.  Chris drew our new kitchen plans up months ago, but we've been double checking our measurements and making final planning decisions before we swing that glorious sledgehammer.  We've got our visions and our measurements and we're ready to swing.

So the first step in our kitchen transformation is to relocate our refrigerator.  Currently the fridge is on the wall that we're tearing down, so obviously it's gotta move.  We spent about an hour on the first evening of 2012 attempting to move our whale of a fridge.  The task seemed simple: move the fridge to the dining room wall so it's out of the way, plug it in, and have a bowl of cereal to celebrate.  Not so simple, but manageable.  We had to troubleshoot a little bit to get it to fit through the dining room doorway, and ended up removing most of the door frame to squeeze it through (it had to go eventually).

Mr. Fridge is quite at home in the dining room for now.  We have a sweet little set up with our Keurig and microwave's like college all over again.

You DO NOT want to know what we found hiding under the fridge.

And just to keep you posted, we're currently pricing the flooring to match the existing hardwood in the dining room.  Also, we will be getting an estimate this week on the installment of our new sliding glass door to replace the current dining room window.  So yeah, I swear we're making headway.

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