Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Behold: Our New Clutter Catcher.

The complexities of life have been offsetting the start of our kitchen renovation lately.  But that doesn't mean we haven't been taking baby steps towards progress.  Thankfully, we made a sweet improvement to our living room that's sure to keep me happy for the time being.

I've been incredibly unsatisfied with the low-lying bench in our living room.  It extents the length of the staircase wall, yet only sits about 2 feet off the floor.  I used to have visions of it serving as a neat little bench that would offer extra seating for guests, but in reality it only served as extra seating for loads and loads of crap and clutter.  With the impending pressure of the living room serving as our living room AND kitchen throughout the kitchen renovation, I was determined to eliminate the bench and replace it with something more decoratively appealing and functional.
Not having this. (Side note: Look how big Rooney is!)

After weeks of searching for a potential replacement, only to be disappointed by high prices and lackluster decorative appeal, I finally found our winner.  Usually I'm a go-to Ikea gal, but believe it or not this find came from Sears.  We decided to go with the Country Living 3-Shelf Bookcase, on sale for $112 from $280.  Including tax, our sweet new addition came to a grand total of $118.  We opted for store pickup, which means we didn't have to pay for shipping.  Not too shabby if you ask me.

Darrr she blowsss.

I have to say, we sort of purchased this bookcase almost blindly; there were no product reviews, and the online description and picture were pretty lame and nondescript.  However, my insane obsession with all things Country Living (I think it's genetic, thanks Mom-Mom) overrode any doubt I had in purchasing it.  The promising storage options (3 shelves, 3 drawers, and a bottom shelf) were also far better than anything we'd seen yet, especially at around $100.  So I ordered it.  And I waited.  And I really hoped it didn't suck.

It arrived at our local Sears store about a week after I placed my order.  All we had to do was park our car, place a call to their pickup people, and they brought it right out to us -- pretty painless, pretty awesome.  We took it home and began assembling our new clutter catcher.  Seeing as how we're pros at assembling Ikea furniture, this wasn't a huge deal for us.  We realized that we are completely spoiled on Ikea hardware, and had a few opinions about the provided instructions and hardware needed to assemble our new shelf.  But of course, we conquered our task and were pleased with the final product.

See the distressed red details?  Pretty fabulous if you ask me.

Sears really needs to get to writing better product descriptions, because this shelf is pretty decent and deserves to be advertised as such.  For instance, the website describes the shelf as having a "dark finish".  In reality, the finish is black, with little distressed areas of red paint poking through -- right up my antique-y alley.  It definitely has a very high-end look, yet it's super unique, like something you might find at HomeGoods on a lucky day.  Overall I'm very pleased with our new shelf.  It will provide us with lots of needed storage and it's got loads of character.  This was definitely a gamble worth taking.

So...who wants to make bets on how long it will take before our new shelf is overridden with clutter?

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