Monday, December 12, 2011

The Start of the Stump Sliver Tradition

Remember when I mentioned that we cut off a stump sliver from our Christmas tree to fashion into an ornament and subsequent new tradition?  Well here's the rest of the story.

When Chris trimmed down our tree before we put it in the tree stand, I asked him to cut about a one inch sliver off from the stump and put it aside from me (hence how our sentimental ornament gained it's odd name of "stump sliver").  He scoffed a little, but was a nice fiancee and cut it for me anyway.  I had a plan for this sliver -- a plan that was hatched as the direct results of some glorious Pinspiration.  Here's the Pinterest pin that inspired my new tradition:
Absolutely darling.
Once my stump sliver was cut, it was time to scribble the year on it.  I used a fine point red Sharpie; not only is it a festive hue, but it won't bleed into the wood.  I know that Sharpies come in a wide variety of colors these days, so I'm sure there's no limit to the color spectrum possibility your stump sliver can don.  I would suggest a fine point Sharpie, however, as it will leave a nice, clean line.  Since Sharpies aren't the cheapest of craft markers, here's a budget tip: pick one up at a craft store using a coupon (Joann Fabrics has 40-50% off coupons in EVERY sales flyer & online every day -- like here, good until Jan. 27th, 2012).

I didn't make any attempt at tracing or rubbing on a template for my 2011; I just free handed it.  This was party out of sheer laziness to do anything more complex, but mostly because I sort of liked the idea of it being my handwriting.  I also decided that I wanted to acknowledge our very first Christmas together in our very first nest by writing "our first" under 2011.  I also got crazy and added a little tree silhouette too.  Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Now it was time to transform my 2011 stump sliver into a beautiful little ornament.  To do this I simply screwed a 1/2" eye hook into the top of the stump sliver.  Usually, I would suggest drilling a small guide hole with a drill, but my stump sliver was still soft (and sappy) so I was able to easily twist it in by hand.  Once I had my eye hook securely in place atop my ornament, I simply tied some left over ribbon remnants I had through the hook.  I'd suggest scouring your wrapping supplies for any ribbon pieces that might not be long enough to wrap a package with as this is a great way to use that up.  I also made sure to tie on our cute little tree tag that we found attached to our tree.  And with that, I had our 2011 Christmas tree stump sliver ornament.

I have this really grand vision in my head that one day we'll have so many stump slivers, we'll be able to decorate an entire tree -- either that or make some sort of garland out of them.  Either way, awesome.  It was really quite the simple project, and I know it's something that I'll always cherish for years to come.

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