Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O Tannenbaum

So on Saturday night Chris and I picked out our Christmas tree for our very first house, which is something I've been looking forward to for many years.  In true holiday family spirit, we decided to start a couple new traditions that we hope to carry on through all of our future Christmases together.

We decided to get our tree from the same place we did last year -- a quaint and traditional tree stand run by the Lions Club of Bel Air.  For $45 you get to select any tree that you like (that's right, squatty, lanky, skinny, chunky, etc.)  We're aware that you can definitely get a Christmas tree for a cheaper price (for instance, I saw that you can get a tree from Home Depot for about half the price), but we're all about the experience; the atmosphere at the Lion's Club tree stand is magical and straight out of a Christmas tale, and the proceeds go towards helping the community.  It also helps that the guys who run the stand are incredibly nice and friendly.  It didn't take long for us to pick our winner of a tree, and we soon had it nestled snugly in the truck bed.
We choose you Pikachu.
First new tradition we started this year: take Rooney bug to pick out our Christmas tree with us.  Honestly, how cool would it be to have your dog as part of your tree selecting experience every year?  I'm not a crazy dog lady, I promise -- I just love my pup and wanted to include him in all of our Christmas celebrations.  Anywho, Rooney was a little spooked by forest of pines in the middle of a parking lot so we ended up carrying him around most of the time.  Dawning a festive red bandana, our little "Christmas puppy" was showered with attention by the guys running the tree stand.
Wondering why the heck we brought him to an urban forest.

On Sunday we were ready to put our tree up.  Chris did the necessary trimming, and that's where our second new tradition comes into play.  We decided (thanks to some Pinspiration), that every year we're going to shave off a sliver of our tree's stump and turn it into a ornament with the year written on it.  It's fantastically awesome, and I look forward to collecting our "stump slivers" in the Christmases to come.
Cuttin' our 2011 stump sliver.
 Once we got our tree up, I noticed an awesome little tag on our tree indicating some sort of serial number.  The little tag denotes that our tree is #52843, but for us it's #1 (because it's our first in our new house, and because it's awesome).  The tag is coincidentally adorable, so I decided I wanted to include it as part of our 2011 sliver ornament.  Expect a post featuring our stump sliver final product soon!
Ummm, I kind of really adore this.

Naked and awaiting some sparkle.
Back to the tree.  I've mentioned before how great of a job my Mom has done always making Christmas special for me.  I've definitely picked up a lot of her traditions and Christmas habits, like the process of decorating a Christmas tree.  Growing up decorating the Christmas tree was a very regimented activity that required patience and care.  You see, my Mom is an avid Hallmark ornament collector and she makes a point of preserving each ornament's box.  What this means is that each ornament is removed from its respective box, placed strategically on the Christmas tree, and the box is safely stored away until after Christmas.  It's safe to assume that the putting away of the ornaments requires removing each ornament and replacing them back in their original packaging.  Some may say it's a little OCD, but it's her thing and I've always liked it that way. 

Chris grew up with a much more laid back approach to decorating Christmas trees; his family has a chest full of ornaments, some in paper, but mostly just stored as is.  I like to think that the casual collection and storage of ornaments is much more my style, but I can't help but have some of the ornament OCD that my mom instilled in me.  It's almost like a curse...I feel completely compelled to care for my ornaments the way my Mom does.  I would love to throw them in a cool little chest, but it feels so wrong to me.  Now I don't have as many Hallmark ornaments as my Mom does (I also like to collect random ornaments, anything that tickles my fancy), but my Hallmark ornaments are treated as my Mom would.  My randoms are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and stored in a plastic storage box (also how my Mom cares for her stragglers).  Sigh...as much effort as it is, at least my ornaments are safely stored for years to come and I'm makin' my Momma proud in the meantime.
Tissue paper & Hallmark boxes galore.
Pile of ornaments waiting to be placed on our spruce.

I grew up with mostly white Christmas tress.  However, Chris and I have always loved the vintage appeal of the large colored C9 bulbs, so that's what we wrapped our sweet pine in this year.  Regardless of my obsessive ornament routine, our tree decorating experience was mega fun.  Chris and I turned on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to watch while we decorated, and we had a jolly good time.  Isn't it pretty??? :}

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  1. Love it, sweetheart! You and Chris are having some wonderful firsts! Love you!