Monday, December 5, 2011

Drumroll Please...

I had to ask Chris' permission for this next portion of holiday blogging.  You see, Chris had a Clark Griswold moment whilst putting up our outdoor holiday lights and I found it too funny not to blog about...and also because for once, I was blatantly right about something and he should've heeded my warning.
Que frumpy National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation music.
Chris decided he wanted to deck out our sugar maple tree with lights, which I'm totally on board with since trees with Christmas lights look awesome (when done right).  I also think he wanted an excuse to climb the tree; it's seriously the most perfect climbing tree.  Anyway, Chris began scaling up and down the tree, strategically attaching the lights.  I spotted a large branch that was noticeably dead and cracked, so I warned him to be careful and not to stand on that branch.  A few minutes later he beckoned my attention by sarcastically taunting my warning with "hey look I'm standing on the broken branch" -- actually, the branch giving way under his feet completely stifled him from finishing his smart-a** remark.  Luckily, even with staple gun and light strand in hand, he was able to grab a hold of the branch above him and save himself from an embarrassing injury.  Chevy Chase couldn't have performed the scene better.
Told you so.

Look on the bright side - that's one less limb he had to put lights on.
 After some giggles and a few "I told you so's", Chris finished off the tree.  We mutually agreed that if you're going to put lights on a tree and you want it to look legit, you have to go all out.  Apparently in our book, "go all out" means wrapping roughly 183 feet of lights, or about 600 bulbs around the tree.  Another gross similarity to a Clark Griswold Christmas.  But hey, the tree looks great.

Enough poking fun at Chris (for now).  For the porch we had to get a little crafty since our sweet LED sugar maple tree sucked up a good portion of our Christmas light supply.  We began by wrapping some garland around the porch railing, but soon discovered that we didn't have enough to go all the way around the porch.  After a couple minutes of trouble shooting we deciding to put our faux-garland on the front of the porch railing, and use our Christmas tree trimmings as garland for the side of the porch.  Not only is it pretty, but we recycled the bits of our tree that we might have otherwise thrown away.  Side note: the tree trimmings would also be fantastic swag on windows, doors, mantles, and stair-railings.  Once we had the garland issue all sorted out, we added some colored LED lights to the porch railing as well.  It's simple, but still festive and fun.
Reduce, reuse, recyle.
Here's our final product.  Not quite as glorious as Clark's house, but we love it.  Now all there's left to do is sit back on couch with a cup of hot cocoa next to a warm fire (fueled by our fallen limb), and stare out the window at our glorious outdoor lighting display. 
It's beauuutiful Clark.

Hmmm....mildly reminiscent of Chris' shenanigan?

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