Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Super Duper Shabby Chic Guest Room

I know that some of you are in suspense and dying to see more of the kitchen demolition, and since we're not moving on to the next (and most AWESOME) stage of the renovation process until earlier next week, I thought I'd occupy your minds with another topic for the time being.  There's always something else to talk about in our renovation adventure.

In college I had my ultimate dream room, which consisted of all white shabby chic furniture and decor.  I was sad to move it out of my rented townhouse when I graduated, but I had high hopes that one day I would have a place to showcase it's chicness again.  Lucky for me, our house has two guest rooms: one for my shabby chic collection, and the other for Chris' southwestern furniture (the future "Texas Room").

If you remember, the downstairs guest room had some gnarly hardwood floors that some "wise guy" decided to screw up for us back before we bought the house.  In my little interior decorator mind, I excused myself from having to refinish the floors by deeming them "shabby chic" if paired with impeccably clean lines and color (or lack thereof).  Conveniently enough, my college bedroom furniture is all white/cream and obviously the perfect remedy for the destroyed floors.  So our plans for the room were simple: paint the walls, brighten the trim, toss in my fabulous furniture, and call it a stunningly shabby guest room.  And for once, we really didn't encounter any problems with this transformation.

For some odd reason literally everyone who saw the original robin's egg blue color of the room thought it was "really nice" and assumed we had painted it that color ourselves.  Huh?  Aside from my blatant distaste for what I call "icky 50's blue", there were soot stains spewing out from the vents, cracks in the plaster, and dirty smudges of who-knows-what littering the walls.  So I painted over the ick.  I also painted all of the dark wood trim in a nice white semi-gloss, and may I say it is absolutely amazing how much bigger the room feels with lighter trim.  Just to be fancy I decided to paint the inside of the closet with some of the leftover paint from the living room and my craft room, Martha Stewart's Lemon Ice.  It's really an interesting color in that it looks yellowy in some light and greenish in others.  It decided to be green in the guest room closet, which is perfect since the bedding is a pale green.  In Martha's words, "it's a good thing".
Gettin' my paint on.
 As for paint specifics I painted the walls a clean off-white color, Behr Ultra Premium Plus in Swiss Coffee to be exact.  We've been using Behr Ultra Premium Plus for the entire house since it already has primer mixed into the paint.  Since our house came with a lead paint disclosure (and sooty walls), we really want to be sure to seal in any and all lead paint.  We've been really happy with the Ultra Premium Plus paint, and since Home Depot just recently dropped the price to about $20 a gallon we're especially giddy  (too bad the price drop didn't occur about 9 gallons ago).  And in case you were wondering, we're eggshell people for regular room walls (satin for bathrooms/kitchens) and semi-gloss for trim.  For bedrooms and living areas, I personally don't like shiny walls and I like the warmth that eggshell finish adds to a room.  Trim obviously gets dirty and needs a good wipe down from time to time, so in my book semi-gloss is the way to go (again, I just don't dig anything that's too shiny).  

So once the everything was painted, the room was pretty much done.  I mopped the ugly floors with a hot water and vinegar mixture, which I've found breaks down grime really well.  I also didn't want to use a chemical cleaner since I didn't want to risk removing anymore of the already-peeling finish.  On a side note, I highly recommend the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser mop (yes mop) because it will change your life.  I hate mops for the sole purpose that they are completely filthy.  The Magic Eraser mop rinses clean, has yet to smell mildewy, and comes with easily replaceable heads.  And of course, it does the same magic as the Magic Eraser sponges.  So yeah, you should get one.
Check out my green-tastic closet.
With the walls painted and the floor cleaned it was time for my favorite part -- adding furniture and decorating.  I spent an evening while Chris was away on business putting together the bed frame, which I still think is quite the impressive feat.  If any of you IKEA lovers out there are wondering, the room is in fact filled with 94% IKEA products.  The only things that aren't IKEA are the curtain rods ($7 on clearance at Lowes), the blinds (also Lowes), the bedding (believe it or not from Walmart), the nightstand (old Target find), Charles the sock monkey (childhood pal), and the ribbon I used to tie back the curtains (Joann's).  Yes, that means everything else, including the potpourri, were born in IKEA and I am totally not ashamed to admit it.

Check out the new closet door.

Hey there's Charles!
Somehow this room seemed to come together rather painlessly.  Hanging the new doors was probably the biggest pain in the neck task, but that was all in Chris' department so it didn't effect me too much (by the way, one day we'll write a post about hanging new doors).  We've since added some wall decor and a mirror above the dresser, but I'm still not completely done with the fine details quite yet (I'll be sure to update you when I make some decisions).  My mom came to visit in early October and got to be the room's first "guest".  Since then the room has become my personal dressing room and extended closet.  Can't say I'm not happy about that!

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