Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Adorable Excuse for the Kitchen Delay

So remember when I mentioned that we had to put off the kitchen last week because of something unexpected?  Well here's our unexpected delay:
Meet little Rooney, our sweet little doggy!  He's a four month old hound mix (we're thinking plott hound, maybe blue tick coonhound, and lab).  He's the sweetest baby dog of all time.  I'm totally not biased.

Our adoption of Mr. Rooney was as much as a surprise to us as it probably is to you.  We decided somewhat recently that our kitchen renovation was more important to us than building a fence, and that the adoption of our future awesome pup could wait until next spring.  For some reason this mentality changed when we attended our Alma Matter's homecoming two weekends ago (Go Blue Hens!).  We realized that we had plenty of friends with puppies and dogs who didn't have fences and they seemed to make it work just fine.  I have an issue with looking at and torturing myself with photos of cute adoptable animals that I can't have.  So obviously, after seeing many pups while we were at homecoming I had to torture myself some more.  That's when we saw our little pup -- listed as a hound mix baby named "Beck".

Chris thought Beck was cute, but he's said that about plenty of PetFinder dogs (most likely just to keep me from whining).  But I just about choked on my retainer that night when he casually said "I think you should put in an application for Beck tomorrow.  I really like him."
That's when I sort of started second guessing having a dog.  I felt really irresponsible since we didn't have our fence yet -- sort of like we were just jumping the gun way too soon.  I filled out the adoption application anyway and decided that if the rescue agency didn't think we were fit, then we weren't ready for a dog.

We waited for five grueling days, only mentioning the adoption application to Chris' dad and my mom.  I tend to get very superstitious about things, plus if we didn't get approved, I didn't want to further my grief by telling everyone why.  Finally on Friday we got an email saying we were approved and that our application was "excellent"!  All we had to do was contact the foster parent who had our little guy and set up a meeting to adopt him.  Good thing for us, she was very available that day and we were able to officially adopt our rescue pup on Friday at 6pm in the Timonium Petsmart.

It took us a day or two to really find a name that fit our new puppy.  Beck was "eh".  We also considered Dierks, Copper, Tiger, Moose, and Louie.  But it was Rooney that was the winner -- the perfect fit for the bumbly, loving little goon that he is.  So far his nicknames include: Roon Bug, Rooster, and Macarooney.

And on a final note, we're all for rescue doggies.  We got Rooney from MAS Rescue in Baltimore, and we highly recommend them if you plan on finding a new friend!

Ok, time to get back on track with the house...with Rooney dog as our new little helper and renovation companion.

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