Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hungry for Some Renovation

So we've decided on our next DIY project.  After much deliberation over whether to fence in the backyard or start the kitchen transformation, it's been decided that the fence (and subsequent dog acquisition) will have to wait until Spring.  You know what that means - kitchen time, baby.  And we were just getting cozy in our construction-zone-free house...

The kitchen renovation isn't a light snack either.  Aside from the obvious kitchen upgrades, this job involves a wall removal, new wall construction, changing a window to a door, and the huge task of matching the existing dining room hardwood floors.  Currently we have a formal dining room attached to a quaint 1950s style kitchen.  We will be tearing down the wall between the two rooms, thus opening the space to become one large kitchen of awesomeness.
And through the door on the left, kitchen cave.
Let's discuss why I currently dislike the current kitchen and why this renovation is entirely necessary.  In a nutshell, it's tiny, dingy, and outdated.  Behind the facade of faux-wood laminate doors from the 80s (which the selling agent comically deemed "updated"), lies the original metal shelves from the 1950s -- complete with rust, 60 years of grime, and laminate floor tile liners (at least they match the floor, right?  So wrong.)  There is absolutely zilch counter space so it's quite a battle to prepare any sort of meal beyond cereal.  Instead of a pantry the kitchen houses a closet that wreaks of Pine-Sol and mop water, highly discouraging the storage of anything other than mops and gardening supplies at the moment.  Washing dishes by hand would be manageable if the sink wasn't so dysfunctional.  The sink is small, making it difficult to wash large items, not to mention the faucet splashes water up onto the counters so I always have to surround the sink with dishtowels when I wash dishes.  Further complicating the space problem, the dish rack takes up about a third of the usable counter space (another third houses the microwave, and the remaining third is free for cereal prep).  I can only imagine that preparing any sort of holiday meal in this kitchen could be compared to lonely slave labor in a hot little cave.  It may surprise you, but we want to change a few things.
HAHA "updated".
So let's discuss what the new kitchen will have.  The awesome/incredible/fabulous new kitchen will have double the counter space than it does now due to the addition of an island.  The new island will also house valuable extra storage, as well as additional seating for casual dining.  We'll also have a space for a dining room table and chairs for more formal occasions (or a good spot for laptop use).  If you know us, you know we have a love affair with IKEA, so obviously we will have new white IKEA cabinets, hardware, counters, and sink.  We'll get a matching stainless fridge and dishwasher to hang out with our new stainless gas stove and microwave. The current Pine-Sol scented closet will get a makeover, making it wider and more shallow -- perfect pantry space.  Total overhaul.  I like to imagine that holiday meal prep in our new kitchen will be spectacular.
Inspirational Island of IKEA.
If you happen to be concerned about us maintaining any of our houses' originality, fear not.  The current dining room has 2 adorable built-in cabinets, which is part of the charm that made me fall in love with the house.  Unfortunately the one attached to the wall that will be leaving us, has to go but we are going to do our best to preserve it so that one day we can try to relocate it or even take it with us to a different house.  That means that the other cabinet will stay (though I'm positive Chris has it out for it's destruction).  We've also been saving the glass doorknobs from the doors we've replaced in the downstairs hallway; I plan on incorporating them as dummy knobs on our new pantry doors.  There's also this fantastic original chrome exhaust fan, which we plan on using in conjunction with our over the range microwave exhaust.  But the original hardwood in the dining room is the real star of the show.  We plan on ripping up the linoleum tiles in the kitchen and replacing it with new hardwood to match the dining room.  To me, this is HUGE as the dining room hardwood flows into the ENTIRE rest of the downstairs and replacing it would be beyond silly.  This is something that I absolutely will not comprise on.  With that said, we know that matching the existing floors might require us to spend a little more money, as well as expend some extra blood, sweat, and tears.  But don't worry, you'll get to experience all of that via blog posts once we get around to it.

Now where did we put that sledge hammer?

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  1. You've done a wonderful job so far with your other house renovations, Erin. I'm really proud of both of you and pretty happy that you can at least cook in your 'kitchen' now--you'll have to keep making meals for that fiance of yours so he can keep up his strength through these changes!