Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Pinspiration

If you haven't already discovered Pinterest, you're sorely missing out on all kinds of internet awesomeness.  In a nutshell, Pinterest eliminates your internet favorites/bookmarks by creating organized boards for you to "pin" links to your favorite webpages and internet fancies via pictures.  It's absolutely fantastic for organizing endless internet inspiration such as home renovation/decoration ideas, weddings plans, and crafts; the pinning possibilities are endless.  For those of you who already follow me on Pinterest, you know that I can get a little pin crazy.  I just wanted to show you that I do actually create many Pinterest-inspired crafts, like this clothespin card wreath.  I saw this wreath and immediately fell in love with the idea.
My Pinspiration (inspiration + Pinterest = Pinspiration).
Growing up my mom always had our holiday/Christmas cards on display, usually taped around door frames.  This is a very fond memory of mine, and I absolutely cherish any thoughtful cards that I receive from my friends and family.  Since I'm in the process of building a nest and memories, I thought it was about time to put my own special spin on the holiday card display -- who knows, maybe one day I'll have children who find my Pinterest card wreath to be a highlight of their own little Christmas memories.  Or not, but I digress.

Looking at the wreath instructions, I determined that I was definitely going to change things up a little bit.  For one, I wasn't happy with the wire hanger frame -- the DIY instructions suggest molding a wire hanger to the shape of your wreath, but that's just not precise enough for my liking (plus I just abhor wire hangers in general).  In order to have the obsessively precise wire circle that I desired, I purchased an 18" wreath from the dollar store.  If you turn the wreath over, you'll find that the garland is fastened to a perfect and sturdy 18" metal ring.  I simply removed the garland from the frame via wire cutters, then I snipped the frame open so I could add my berries later on.
Dolla store wreath.

I also didn't like the "clothespin-berry-clothespin-berry" pattern of the Pinterest wreath; it just seemed a little too much like something I would've made and brought home to my mom from preschool.  I decided to go with 2 sizes of clothespins to emanate a more realistic wreath that would have variations in needle length.  The mini clothespins would also add extra space to hang more cards too!  So I purchased one pack of 36 regular sized clothespins (dollar store), one pack of 24 mini craft clothes pins (Joann Fabrics), and one pack of wooden beads for berries (also Joann Fabrics) just in case I hated the mini clothespins.  The pattern I ended up with after fiddling with my frame was "big clothespin-little clothespin-big clothespin-berry" and so on.
Plethora of clothespins.

Sans berries, but you get the gist.

Now that I had my pattern, it was time to paint my clothespins and berries (wooden beads).  I painted the big clothespins a dark olive-based green, and the little clothespin a lighter inner-avocado green.  Again, I was going for something a little less craft time at preschool.  Plus I liked the idea of having different greens to add interest and dimension to my funky little wreath.  Of course I went the extra mile with the berries too -- I painted them a dark pink followed by a coat of deep red glitter paint.  To be honest, I accidentally grabbed the pink thinking it was red out of my paint box and just decided to go with it.  I have to say, I take pride in my sparkly little berries.  They look good enough to eat.  Kind of.
Painting tip: it's a whole lot easier to paint your clothespins if you clip them to the edges of a box!

Once all of my pins and berries were dry it was time to assemble my wreath!  I began by threading all of the berries onto the metal frame, then taping the frame closed with electrical tape.  From there I just spaced out my berries, and pinned the clothespins on according to my predetermined pattern.  I made sure to leave a couple inches of exposed frame at the top of my wreath, specifically at the part where I taped the frame back together.  This is where I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the frame to hang it.
My card wreath!

And yes, I am pictured in that 90s-tastic Christmas photo.

I think it turned out quite snazzy.  I made a few changes of my own, but that's the fun in all of it!

Okay friends and fam, feel free to send those Christmas cards my way -- my Pinterest wreath is waiting!

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