Thursday, November 17, 2011

Future Feasts of Fabulousness

Alright, so I know we promised you a kitchen renovation post this week, preferably one involving large destructive hammers.  Trust me, I so want that too.  But in true home renovation fashion, something came up earlier this week that has set back our demolition derby another few days (more on that later).

In the meantime, let's discuss what we HAVE been doing with the kitchen.  There's a lot of prep work involved before the fun parts of renovation get to happen, so that's what we've been up to.  I spend the better part of my evenings last week cooking my a** off.  Why, you ask?  Well, we gotta eat something on those cold winter nights with an out of commission stove/kitchen and a junky little dorm room microwave.  I made all kinds of yummy meals, packed them up in single serving containers, and stuck 'em in the freezer.  I can't even imagine the bliss we will experience this winter when our house is disheveled and we have yummy food in our bellies, all due to excellent planning on my part.  My preplanned meals of excellence include, but are not limited to:

Chipotle Challenger Burrito Bowlz (my own recipe, so yum)
Mom's Meatloaf (obviously, mother's recipe)
Mom-mom's Baked Macaroni & Cheese (holla at my Mom-mom)
Beef Tenderloin (to have with microwave mashed taters & veggies)
Hint: the secret ingredient is love.  Or taco seasoning.
I figured out that in one week I prepared enough food for Chris and I to both feast happily for about 8-10 days.  Doesn't seem like much, but those will be our special "reward" meals.  On other nights, we'll get creative with our hunk-o-junk microwave oven and make some other delectables.  And here are my ideas on that:

Microwave mashed potatoes w/ chunky beef stew soup on top (saw it in a Campbell's commercial)
Various steamed veggies
Good 'ol hot dogs 'n beanz
Taco Bell (not a microwave meal, but critical to our dietary happiness)

It's amazing how many microwave recipes there are.  Just Google "microwave meals" or check out Pinterest for some amazing ideas.  I also would really like a toaster, but Chris hates toasters.  So I'll keep dreaming of bagels and English muffins...or maybe I'll just buy a dang toaster and grind his gears a bit. 

Our next prep task is going to be the taping up the vents and blocking the living room/hallway via plastic tarps.  I have a feeling with Chris' OCD and my anti-dust obsession it will take us far longer than we need or want it to.  Until then, I'll be packing up my kitchen and closing it down for 2011.  And I'm TOTALLY not bummed because when I unpack that stuff in 2012, I'll have a brand-spanking new kitchen to put it all away in.  Heck yes.  If you have any microwave meal ideas, feel free to enlighten us via blog comment!

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