Friday, November 4, 2011

Birdie Rescue 2011!

As I was filtering through some of our house pictures from over the summer I came across our heroic rescue of Howard the baby bird.  We have found that birds especially enjoy living at our house as much as we do (one day I'll tell you the story of the bird family that procreates and parties in our chimney).  So one day we were in the basement working with our army of wellbots (another story for another day), and we kept hearing a bird chirping.  We searched high and low but couldn't find any birdie stowaways in the basement.  After continuous chirping we discovered a little baby bird staring back at us from the other side of one of the window well windows.  There are some rather large bushes on that side of the house that birds especially love to inhabit, so we quickly realized that our little friend, aptly named Howard for some reason, must have fallen from the bush and stumbled into the window well.

So we went outside and confirmed our hypothesis that baby Howard was trapped in the window well.  The only problem was, we couldn't really see him since the window well was partially covered by the bush and overgrown with other rescue obstacles. 
He's in there somewhere.
We chopped back what we could until we spotted Howard. 
I spy a baby Howard.
There are all kinds of "rules" about touching baby animals, and at the time we were thinking of the "don't touch him with your hands or the momma won't take care of him anymore" rule.  As adventurous as little Howard was to waddle out of his nest, it was obvious that he wasn't quite ready to live on his own yet.  We really didn't want to touch him with our cootie hands and doom him to a life of neglect, so we decided we'd try to get him to hop on a shovel so we could hoist him to safety.  Chris gently rustled a shovel around Howard until he hopped on; it took a couple attempts to keep him on the shovel but we eventually freed Howard from the window well.  Hooray!

We made sure to cover the window well up so little Howard couldn't fall back in again.  We also babysat Howard to make sure he didn't waddle too far from the bush his nest was in.  Once we heard his momma squawking we decided it was time to let him be.  It was a harrowing rescue, but we saved little Howard from the window well.  We like to think he's flying high in the sky somewhere thanks to us, our keen sense hearing, and a shovel.

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