Monday, November 7, 2011

A Victory for History

Before we can tear down the wall dividing the current kitchen from the dining room, we had one little obstacle in the way: a built-in corner cabinet.
I initially really wanted to relocate the cabinet somewhere else in the house, but we couldn't find a happy home for it.  I have lost a few battles so far with keeping original features of the house (the glass doorknobs, the original cast iron tub, the porcelain and chrome bathroom fixtures, etc), but I was not about to give up on this cute corner cabinet just yet.  I determined that if we couldn't immediately use the cabinet in our current house, why not try to keep it and see if maybe we could use it in a future house?  It would be a really sweet way to carry over some of the memories of our first house, while still preserving a little piece of furniture past.  Maybe it's just the history nerd in me, but things like these are terribly important in my book.

If it were up to Chris, he'd rip out the cabinet via sledge hammer and send it on it's merry way to the dump.  I obviously had to supervise and make sure that he didn't make any irrational decisions.  With a little determination and troubleshooting we were able to successfully remove the cabinet intact and relocate it to the basement.  I was especially excited to discover that the glass door to the cabinet would make for one heck of a really cool decoration to hang above the fireplace.  Oh yes. 
So much potential!
We found out a little bit about our dining room's past in the process of the cabinet salvation, and apparently somebody really liked the color green.  Under the chair rail we found the collision of two different greens, as well as a little clump of hunter green shag carpet jammed between the baseboards and the inside of the corner cabinet.  Not only did we find that the room was initially painted green, but we also found that it was painted at least two other different shades of green over time, finally ending with the current cream color.  Green is in fact my favorite color, but we'll be opting for a nice cool gray for our future kitchen.  Sorry 1950s.
Welcome to greenland.

Carpet remnant from sixty years ago.
I guess it's safe to say the kitchen renovation is officially underway.
All gone!

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